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Places That Buy Wedding Dresses ##BEST##

My absolute favorite television show on Friday nights after a long week is Say Yes to the Dress. Even though I have been married for over 5 years and am no longer planning my own wedding, it's still great to see brides enter into Kleinfeld Bridal with dreams of finding that perfect dress. For me, dress shopping looked a lot different, visiting different boutiques in the Houston area, trying to find the perfect gown at the right price.

places that buy wedding dresses

I was determined to leave no stone un-turned and that included exploring the city for consignment, resale, and sample wedding dresses. There are a multitude of ways to find a bargain wedding dress, including many online retailers. But I wanted to focus on brick and mortar stores around the state where brides can find deals on sample and/or gently used wedding dresses.

The Bayou City is up first in this three-part series (for those looking for a discounted wedding dress in San Antonio or Austin or the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, check out the linked articles). Let's explore the top five places to buy a discounted wedding dress in Houston.

Estila Bridal, is a bridal boutique that specializes in the dress rental exclusively for Gowns by Pamela (yes, you can rent wedding dresses as well, but we'll discuss that in another post). Esila Bridal does sell select used gowns. They operate by appointment only.

Cheeky Vintage is more of a vintage dress and accessory shop, than a specialized wedding boutique, but that doesn't take away from its awesomeness. We listed it here because they occasionally have wedding dresses and the style we've witnessed is impeccable. Although they update their Facebook page with new arrivals, you can browse and shop their inventory from the shop website. We searched for "wedding" and came up with several interesting listings.

ASOS is the hidden gem serving up wedding dresses. From Marilyn Monroe-minded gowns (see the Lola Satin Wedding Dress; $333) to the pretty-in-white flutter sleeve style (see the Annie Floral Dress; $160), we so want to play dress-up right now.

This independent designer makes the most out of sheer silk, feminine florals, and soft silhouettes. The result? Wedding dresses that look like they stepped right out of a fairytale. Talk about storybook vibes!

P.S. All Chosen by KYHA bridal gowns typically require small to moderate alterations after creation to fit perfectly to your individual curvatures and shape. If you want something more customized to your figure, you can also shop made-to-order wedding dresses online!

You can customize color, length, strap style, bra-friendly (or not), neckline, slit height, and more. You can even add pockets! Just input your specific measurements for a wedding dress that fits out of the box. Bonus: you can also order as many fabric swatches as you want to find your dream style!

Watters has a small but mighty number of ready-to-ship wedding dresses sold online at BHLDN. Silk, embellishments, and feminine silhouettes round out the collection, with a happily ever after for every bridal style (from this whimsical cottagecore dress to this enchanting tulle gown!).

Your gown will be tailored to perfectly fit your body with soft, moveable fabrics for an effortless wedding look. And before you order, try on up to four sample dresses at home with the loan-me program!

Marcella New York online wedding dresses are kind of like works of art in and of themselves. The passionate couple behind the brand manages to craft a collection that is equal parts editorial and eclectically unique. Oh, and did we mention ethical, too?!

You can also find designer pieces that were purchased but have never been worn. And after your big day, you can resell your wedding dress online at Nearly Newlywed so it can be loved again and again!!

This is the second article of our three-part series looking at the best places to buy a sample, consignment, or used wedding dress across the state of Texas. This time we are focusing on the top five places to buy a discounted wedding dress in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Impressively enough, most of the shops featured in this article boast a great online presence. Hopefully, this article will help our Dallas/Fort Worth brides know where to buy wedding dress gems at amazing prices and with great style. And if there are any notable omissions or errors, please let us know in the comments (for those looking for a discounted wedding dress in San Antonio or Austin or the greater Houston area, check out the linked articles).

A well-reviewed bridal consignment shop, Anonymously Yours boasts of maintaining over 600 brand new bridal dresses at their location. Most of their bridal inventory consists of sample wedding gowns that are new with tags. The website allows you to browse samples of the types of wedding dresses the store maintains in its inventory. Bridal viewing is by appointment, but it is not required. Anonymously Yours is definitely a place you want to check out if you're looking for brand name wedding dress designers at discounted prices.

Sunday's Bridal is a bridal salon that exclusively sells "off-the-rack" wedding dresses. "Off-the-rack" wedding dresses are typically sample gowns or surplus gowns that the salon has received from other bridal salons or wedding dress manufacturers. Because the salon does not order dresses, brides can take home their chosen wedding dress the day they visit the salon. The shop's entire inventory is online and brides must make an appointment to try them on in-store. Sunday's Bridal is definitely a required visit for any bride looking for a discounted designer wedding dress.

Halo by Lovely and Re:BéBride represents online options for the bride looking for luxury for less. They are both the sister companies of bridal salons located in the Dallas area. Halo by Lovely is the online sister store to the Lovely bridal boutique. This online store boasts new, once worn, and sample dresses from the wedding dress designers available in the main store. Many of the dresses are from former Lovely brides who have consigned their once-worn dresses with Halo.

If you like the information in this article, be sure to sign up for our email list where you'll get access to our newsletters that are choc-full of helpful wedding advice and tips. And be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest for cool giveaways and special vendor discounts. Finally, we're always looking for new and inventive ways to help our readers, so share your best wedding tips/planning advice in the comments. We may just turn your comment into an informative article!

Ready to get shopping, but don't know which site to hit first? To help, we spoke with bridal stylists and wedding experts, who shared where to look for wedding dresses online and how to make the most of this virtual experience.

As a bonus, the BHLDN website also has a vast selection of vintage-inspired accessories, honeymoon clothing, and customized recommendations for pairings with each of its dresses to help guide you as you find the perfect wedding look, Gillette adds.

Reformation has plenty of sustainable and eco-friendly wedding dress options for brides, says Mary Angelini, a wedding expert and videographer. Their dresses are made from sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton, linen, and Tencel, and they also use recycled materials in their production process.

"When shopping for a wedding dress at Reformation, it's important to remember that they offer a range of styles from classic to bohemian, so consider what style you are looking for before you start browsing," Angelini says.

According to wedding expert and photographer Nikki Golden, brides are missing out on many stunning gowns if they don't head over to Revolve. You likely won't find a typical a-line or princess-style ball gown at this retailer, but you will find something bound to make headlines in your circle of friends and family. "Revolve is one of the best places to find a wedding gown that will have your guests' jaws hitting the floor when you walk down the aisle," she says.

If you're looking for the best place to buy wedding dresses online, you can't skip over the major retailer, Nordstrom. As Golden says, Nordstrom carries a wide range of gowns from various designers, price points, cuts, and fabrics. "One of my favorite things about shopping at is that they offer in-store alterations, and they'll also measure you before ordering a gown to ensure you have the perfect fit," she says. "It's like going to a bridal boutique without going to a bridal boutique."

If you're not sure how to shop for wedding dresses on Net-a-Porter, Kolanović-Šolaja says to click on "Shop By." Then, under "Events," click "Bridal" to head over to the stunning wedding collection. "This is where your shopping experience begins as you stroll through the virtual aisles of luxury," she says. "Filter by your favorite designer or budget. Sizing is less inclusive than others, but some designers will range from 0-16."

These two fashion resale sites have become popular for wedding dresses, too. They have a good reputation for making communication between buyers and sellers easy and since they are focused specifically on clothes, their interface makes it easy to see the details of the dress and get more information if you want it.

While they may seem like a surprising place to find a wedding dress, many wedding dresses are available from around the world on eBay and from your local community on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace are great if you want the opportunity to try the dress on. For safety reasons, make sure you and the seller meet somewhere in public since they will most likely be a stranger, but you can definitely find a place where you can easily try the dress on without too much fuss, like a coffee shop. On eBay, you have the option to place a low bid and wait to see if anyone else will outbid you on the dress. Starting early in your wedding planning process can let you shop casually on eBay and maybe score a real deal. 041b061a72

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