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Unarc.dll Returned An Error Code 11 16

the most common reason for the occurrence of unarc.dll is the infection of a third-party software that is not designed to help us. one of these is likely to be a virus or spyware. to fix the error, it is recommended to use the system restore functions and check the registry.

unarc.dll returned an error code 11 16

many computers are designed to work with all types of software, but these errors can occur if the system is not properly protected. the solution to such problems is to identify and correct the virus or spyware. if we cannot locate the virus or spyware, then it is time to scan the system with a reliable anti-virus program.

if you get an unarc.dll error and the program cannot be found, it is important to check the registry and try to identify whether it is a genuine error or not. if the problem persists, then you should scan the system with an anti-virus program to remove the virus or spyware.

  • since many dll files are installed when installing a game, an unpacking error may occur. however, if the problem is caused by a corrupted dll file, then the game will most likely crash after a short while. this can happen if the following dll files are not found or are corrupted: isdone.dll - a file that is not found or is missing

  • iststub.dll - a file that is not found or is missing

  • restoro.dll - a file that is not found or is missing

  • unarc.dll - a file that is not found or is missing

1. isdone.dll file is missing or not found error usually occurs when running pirated applications, but it also possible that a legitimate application has been corrupted and, thus, displays these errors. the error can also occur if some programs on the computer interfere with the newly installed applications script. either way, this error is not lethal and can be bypassed quite easily in order to run the game. besides, it is also noticeable that isdone.dll error goes almost interchangeably with another dll error, known as unarc.dll. both of these errors reportedly occurred in games including far cry 4, fifa 15 and 16, fallout 4 and a few others. the guidelines we present below can be used to fix both isdone.dll and unarc.dll errors.


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