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Download Real Drift Car Racing APK Mod 4.9 + OBB Data for Android

There are drift-free settings in many racing games, but often only appear in a cornering style, with very few games devoted exclusively to drifting. This is a realistic 3D racing racer tour, full 3D to create a real track scene, cool racing system everything, you need superb racing skills to get higher glory and the more advanced car .

There is also an auxiliary is the traction assist, this one need to come up with a separate explanation that the traction assist is due to excessive cornering speed of the car, there will be skidding, open the traction auxiliary driving computer will be based on the size of the car friction automatically assigned braking force , So that the car to maintain a smooth running, if you turn off the assistance, it will be prone to skidding, suitable for drift, but it is difficult to get a good cornering speed, if you are a real master, you can use the manual throttle + Manual brake + gravity sensing mode off the traction to help play, but for most users, this one need to normally open.

real drift car racing 4.9 apk mod

With 20 million downloads in the world Real Drift Car Racing is the most realistic 3D drift simulation on mobile devices, and easy to control thanks to an innovative driving aid. Drive high-performance cars (turbo or vacuum engines) and drift them at high speed on drifting tracks. Improve your driving and drifting skills and earn virtual money to adjust and personalize your car. + Extended tuning options: increase the engine power, add a turbo, change the behavior parameters (weight distribution, camber angle, etc.), modify gear ratios and gearbox performance; + Photo mode to share your best drift with your friends; + Specific engine sound for each car with turbo sound and blower valve; + Return of flame with sound; + 12 extra powerful cars with a specific and realistic configuration; + Demanding career mode including 36 leagues with increasing difficulty; + All tuning options unlocked.

CarX Drift Racing 2 Second Edition is one of the most beautiful and popular cars and racing games from CarX Technologies Studios for Android. Introduce yourself and rejoice again. Like in the previous version, you will be given all kinds of modern and old machines, and you have to play drift and experience the best drifting game on your Android phone. The instructions in the game are that the more realistic you get, the more points and coins you can earn with coins you can buy new equipment and double the excitement.

Asphalt 9 is the game for you to come to the fire truck race, creating beautiful driving streaks. The speed race, diverse gameplay makes players unable to miss. Players will play the role of professional racers to show their talent. The game modes in Asphalt 9 will give you the experience of a fierce, exciting race. You will be free to drive to where you want, try the thrills of speed. Enjoy thrills on every route, drive like a skilled racer. Creating races with the bustling atmosphere is no different from real life. Asphalt 9 will help you satisfy your passion for speed and dramatic racing.

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