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This is the year of my life in which I am using my time most profitably. Last year I was in some little straits, and my neighbors thought that I had come to grief, and that I was in desperate case. I was always employed, and when I had leisure I read. I had a good deal of leisure, having worked ten weeks in the mills and ten weeks in the field with my lord, and I still read. When at length I grew weary of books, I went to work again. When I had enough leisure, I went to Walden vale, and got the ducks and fish there. Then began the deep ponds, which are very deep. Then I built a boat, and that led to this very place. Of course I am ready to go or send elsewhere if my friends advise it, and if my income is not sufficient for my support. To strangers my fortune appears worse than ever, but then I am satisfied that it is no worse than it has ever been, and I am well content with it. I do not trouble about what is yet to come. If that may be I will be satisfied. But if not, the best thing that I can do is to get as much done as I can now, and so prepare for the changes which must follow my death.

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The level surface of the smooth water is so accurately true, that a boat will not leave a wake upon it, nor reflect by a hair more light than the smooth undisturbed water would do. I believe that, during the latter part of my walks, the planet Saturn has cleared off the stars from the sky, and this change is accompanied by cold. When I walk in the most open country, that is, on the side of a hill or mountain free from trees, when I walk quite alone and very early in the morning, I never feel in the least warm, but the morning begins to be chilly when the high fields are glistening with hoar frost; even so it comes on very early in towns in all climates, though the sun shines there long, as in England, on the side of a hill.

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