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Behringer Dcx2496 Remote Software Download !!EXCLUSIVE!!

LINK >>>>>

The whole system is controlled from a standard IR remote control. You can use the control to set all channel levels, balance, save/restore sets of settings (what I call 'profiles'), as well as MUTE and On/Off. In addition, you can use it to set the levels of the analog inputs A and B if you are using those. I have tried to organize the control functions and buttons software as logical as possible.

Having trawled the net tying to convince myself to by one of these units I've finally bitten the bullet and it arrived from cpc today. I've downloaded the remote software and am trying to "talk" to the unit, but am having issues with 2 different laptops.

I have a second laptop, however it's running windows 98. It has a com port and to be honest, I'd rather use this laptop for the DCX as it is redundant and so can sit in a rack drawer with the unit permanently. However, the latest version of DCX software doesn't support windows 98 (it says). Because I think I know better than the experts (ahem!!) I decided to download it anyway and give it a go. The software does run and apparently functions perfectly well, but again has comms problems. This time it states "COM port in loop mode". Now I'm not sure whether this is a pc config issue, or an incompatibility issue, however either way, I'm not having much luck. The laptop in this case is an IBM Think Pad 560z.

High com ports shouldn't technically be an issue, but sometimes software only looks at com ports up to a certain number. Bluetooth especially can potentially take up quite a lot which is what I suspect has happened here. You could try uninstalling that stuff, then install the behringer software and try again. if it works you can then reinstall the bluetooth / ir bits so they take up higher com ports than the ultradrive.

As for the other machine, I've emailed Behringer tech support to ask for a previous edition of the software, as I believe this is the first not to support 98 and the firmware "should" be backwards compatible. I knew of the issue when I bought the unit (I downloaded the software prior to purchase to get a feel of the functions available) but hoped the unit had been sat on a shelf for a while and would come bundled with a cd containing an older software version - no such luck!

I've got some VNC (remote desktop) software installed on my iPhone, which can control a computer in my rack wirelessly, have been controlling various lighting and sound software whilst walking around with my phone. Works really well, with only a slight bit of latency. It isn't the cheapest way of doing things but it certainly does look cool !! 1e1e36bf2d

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