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For Sama

sama ke chawal pulao recipe sama rice pulao farali recipe upvas recipe with detailed photo and video recipe. an easy and simple pulao recipe made with a choice of vegetables with samak rice or samvat rice for vrat or fasting. the result or taste is very similar to the bansi rava upma, but has to offer a lot more nutrients and flavours as compared to upma. you may also make this recipe for day to day breakfast or lunch box recipes.

For Sama

recently i posted a breakfast upvas recipe using sabudana, sama rice combination which follows the traditional fermentation process. while it is traditional and tasty, but can be time-consuming and also not an instant recipe. hence i have come up with a much easier recipe where you do not have to plan and you will have the dish within minutes. moreover, you can also make it with choice of veggies to make it more tasty and healthy. i personally do not follow fasting for any occasions and i make it for my day to day breakfast and lunch boxes. you may serve it as it is but tastes great with a choice of raita or any gravy based curries.

furthermore, i would like to add some more tips, suggestions and variations to sama ke chawal pulao recipe. firstly, i would heavily recommend to use only vrat based vegetables in it and avoid vegetables like onion and garlic in it. you may use it, but i personally feel it taste better with the combination of vrat vegetables. secondly, the fasting or upvas rules differ from place to place and family to family. hence you may adjust the ingredients, quantity as per your dietary customs. lastly, the other variations to this recipe are to add mint and coriander leaves paste, similar to mint pulao. you may not use this as upvas recipe, but tastes great for lunch and breakfast.

finally, i do request you to check my other detailed vrat recipes collection with this post of sama rice pulao. it includes my other related recipes like dudhi na muthiya, khichu, samosa, sabudana vada, chekkalu, rava kesari, rava idli, kashmiri dum aloo, dates milkshake, daliya. further to these i would also like to highlight my other related recipe categories like, 041b061a72


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