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Bmw X3 Мануал Скачать бесплатно NEW!

This repair manual will help you to perform all the main maintenance and repair work correctly and efficiently. It should be consulted regularly by workshop personnel as an addition to the practical and theoretical knowledge obtained in Training School courses. It is a contribution towards achieving even higher Service quality.

Bmw X3 Мануал Скачать бесплатно


It is impossible to know, evaluate and advise the service trade of all conceivable ways in which service might be done or of the possible hazardous consequences of each way. Accordingly, anyone who uses a service procedure or tool which is not recommended must first satisfy himself thoroughly that neither his safety or vehicle safety will be jeopardized by the service methods he selects.

The I-BUS App is an Android application for displaying your on-board computer data on an Android device and give you many comfort and coding options. With the free downloadable application you can test the connection to our I-BUS Module. To get full access to all app functions you have to purchase an I-BUS App license.

The app is connected to your car with an USB to I-BUS Resler Module. The Module is wired with 3 cables to the harness of the head unit and is plugged in the USB port of the Android device. To prevent you from soldering, we offer various adapters for our Module in our shop.

At the purchase of an App license you enter your last 7 characters of your vehicle identification number (VIN). You will find your VIN for example in your vehicle registration. After purchase an App license the application is unlocked within the next 24 hours. For control of your OEM DSP you will need an DSP license which is sold seperatly.

Manual for repair, maintenance and operation of BMW X6 cars with E71 body of 2008 and taking into account the 2010 update, with 3.0-litre gasoline engines; 4.4 litres, as well as diesel engines 3.0 litres.

The car was first demonstrated as a concept car at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2007. The concept was very popular with professionals and potential consumers. Therefore, serial production and sales began in the following 2008.

One of the major new things in DSP PC-Tool 5 is our new proprietary TuneEQ function. This integrated automatic tuning mode provides a new way to automatically adjust your virtual or output equalizers. It utilizes a single spatial averaged measurement with at least 1/6 octave resolution to simulate and evaluate the best possible parameter set for your equalizer to achieve a specific frequency response target. The target itself can be freely designed as a Reference Curve.TuneEQ is an extremely flexible but simple to use function which will use any given number of equalizer bands to perform a frequency response correction by utilizing the full possibilities of parametric equalizer bands. It will use the full function set of the parametric equalizer including the center frequency, Q-factor and gain adjustment.One of the major design aspects of this function was to make its usability as simple as possible while the complex processes are done automatically in the background.To use this function a single spatial averaged measurement is necessary per channel or channel group. This measurement can be done with any linear measurement microphone as the TuneEQ function does not have any special hardware requirements.

DSP PC-Tool 5 offers a new connection method which allows the wireless tuning of the DSP through a Bluetooth connection. To use this new connection method, it is necessary to install a BT HD module in the HEC slot of the DSP. To set up the connection the computers Bluetooth interface needs to be paired with the BT HD module. After this you can select the newconnection mode in the specific menu of the application launcher.

This software update also offers the option to set up several sessions of the DSP PC-Tool software simultaneously. The option allows to tune several connected devices at the same time by launching the software multiple times. As soon as more than one connected device is identified a new menu will appear which allows to select the specific devices independently if USB, Bluetooth or Wifi is used.

Я езжу на: Ford Galaxy(до этого ГАЗ 2410 Волга, ГАЗ 3102 Волга, Лада (ВАЗ) 2108, Лада (ВАЗ) 2110, Renault Logan, Renault Megane, Renault Scenic, Daewoo Nexia, Renault Laguna, Renault Koleos, Ford S-MAX, Ford Explorer, Renault Kaptur)

Whether you’re looking at our Truck and Off-Road wheels, our high end Platinum line-up, or our trend setting Focal designs, Ultra Wheel is Championship-Caliber and Quality. Check out the Ultra wheel brands. Know that when you own a set of wheels by Ultra Wheel, you too will be riding on our core principle of delivering the strongest, most durable wheels on the market today. Championship-Caliber Quality, only from Ultra Wheel. Race Tested.....Championship Proven.

Find Ultra Wheels for your off-road, truck, SUV, street tuned, luxury, race or UTV vehicle. Use the Ultra Wheel "Search by Vehicle" tools. Ultra Wheel's iConfigurator allows you to visualizer your car/truck with Ultra Wheels and save or share the results with friends. The Ultra Wheel Fitment Guide searches all the Ultra Wheel brands, collects the results and displays them all in one place. And the Ultra Wheel Gallery, which allows you to see search and view customer and professional photos and videos of vehicles with Ultra Wheels.

The maps contain more than 90 basic calibrations of the Bosch ME7.9.7 control system: start-up parameters (fuel, spark advance, output rpm, etc.), spark advance in all modes, injection phase, fuel ratio, Torque-Based Model, including E-GAS, lambda control calibrations, redline rpm, pickup calibration, etc.

This module allows working with Chevrolet (Lacetti, Aveo, Tacuma, Rezzo, Spark, etc.) vehicles assembled in Russia or Ukraine, as well as Daewoo (Matiz, Nexia) equipped with Sirius and Siemens SIM2K-D52 ECUs. The module works in conjunction with ChipTuningPRO 7.2014 or higher. ECU programming is carried out using the CombiLoader.

The maps contain more than 170 calibrations of the Sirius control system, including starting fluid, spark advance in all modes, dynamic corrections of spark advance, injection phase, VGIS system calibrations, pickup calibration, coefficients for calculating filling, octane selector, etc.

Working with files that do not contain the control program code has some peculiarities: the type of ECU and the calibration map must be selected manually, and when saving the file, it is necessary to load a full flash. These limitations are related to the impossibility of calculating all checksums in the absence of a control program in the file.

Opel, Chevrolet, Cadillac with ACDelco E39 and E39A. For example, Opel Insignia 2.0L A20NHH/A20NHT (LHU), Opel Antara 2011+ 3.0L (LF1), Opel Antara 2012+ 3.0L (LF1, LFW), Opel Astra-J A16XHT/1.6L SIDI, Opel Astra-J OPC A20NHH, Chevrolet Captiva (C140) 2011+ 3.0L (LF1, LFW), Cadillac SRX 2010+ 3.0L (LF1).

Please note: Working with files that do not contain the control program code Is not supported. These limitations are related to the impossibility of calculating all checksums in the absence of a control program in the file.

Vehicles of year 2018 and later with petrol engines GDI, with Kefico CPEGD2.20.1 / CPEGD2.20.2 / CPEGD2.20.3 / CPGDSH2.26.1 / CPGDSH2.26.3 / CPGPSH2.14.1 ECUsVehicle list:

The module contains more than 400 calibrations: speed limiter, torque and power limiters (more than 60 limiters in total including limiters by EGT and transmission protection), torque model (injection quantity calculation, torque request by driver), idling, injection and turbocharging control, glow plug control, calibration of EGT sensors. This module allows you to disable ADBlue, EOLYS injection, particulate filter and EGR valve.

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Workstation 17 Pro improves on the industry defining technology with DirectX 11 and OpenGL 4.3 3D Accelerated graphics support, a dark mode user interface, support for Windows 11, , the vctl CLI for running and building containers and Kubernetes clusters, added support for the latest Windows and Linux operating systems, and more.

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for the program to work correctly, the Standard Tools package (Inpa, NCS, etc.) must be installed. The necessary files and instructions for proper installation are described on our website. If you haven't installed it yet, do so first;

Attention! Databases are required only when we want to be able to use the NCS Expert encoding program. You can record them later as needed. You don't need to download all available, but only those models that you want to be able to encode.

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