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Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus Drivers 16 [UPD]

Solved the issue. You need to install Samsung Settings VERSION 3.1To find this you will have to use samsung update and search in other models drivers and programs list. Mine Ativ 6 is XD1BR and I used the Samsung Settings softwre found in XF3BR list.

samsung ativ book 9 plus drivers 16

The Asus ZenBook series is a slightly more refined, but also more expensive, alternative to the Acer Swift lineup. In fact, Asus offers their own series of mid-range ultraportable with their VivoBooks, but I feel that the ZenBook 13 OLED earns its place in this section over all the other Asus ultrabooks at this point.

The Envy 13 is an excellent-value 13-inch ultrabook and alternative for the Asus ZenBooks or the Dell XPS/Inspiron lineups. It tends to be very competitively priced in most regions, at around $700-$800 for mid specced configurations, as well as nicely made, compact, and equipped with an alright FHD 400-nits IPS screen, latest hardware platforms, and a 51 Wh battery.

Finally, the Pavilion Aero 13 (reviewed here) is the most affordable of these HP laptops, the lightest at just 2.2 lbs (1 kilo), and also arguably the faster in daily use and multitasking, as this is built on the latest AMD Ryzen hardware specs. It also offers a nice 450-nits 16:10 FHD+ matte screen, but comes with a rather small battery and is not as nicely made as the Envy models. Even so, this is a very competitive budget ultrabook these days and a solid alternative for the ZenBook 13 and the Envy 13 lineups.

Finally, the creators among you might want to consider some of the newer generation Studio-branded options available, with the latest Nvidia RTX A3000 to RTX A5000 graphics and optimized drivers and software support. Follow this link for all our Studio RTX notebook reviews.

Users love them until they run other things, then they hate them. They are ungodly slow. The SSD is the only way they can fake not having a 1.4 ghz processor. Works in some cases. This model has earned us a lot of thank yous. But for some, we had to replace them as soon as we assigned them out. We wanted to use the ativ plus for these folks, but it was too pricey. We went with the new Toshiba ultra book. It was the only offering in budget, but it met expectations.


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