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Ashot Agafonov
Ashot Agafonov

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multi-media in my mind is any type of video or audio whether in realvideo/audio format, avi, mpg or quicktime etc. A lot of the sites that Ihave visited (mainly news and sport sites as well as miscellaneous sitesinvolving web development) I do not see any type of captioning available fornewsfeeds or broadcasts. And from my understanding, many online coursesthat offer "real video" and audio do not have any type of captioning ortranscripts??I get extremely frustrated with clips featuring "presentations andinterviews". I WANT to be able to access this information but have you evertried to lip read a real video? Impossible! I don't understand whycaptioning cannot be seamlessly integrated with the media as the media isformatted etc.. I know it is a lot of work and cost wise..some companiescringe at spending the extra green.Sorry if this response seems a bit heated. It is a big frustration on myend and today is just one of those days.Michael----- Original Message -----From: "Andrew Kirkpatrick" To: "WebAIM forum" Sent: Wednesday, August 15, 2001 9:35 AMSubject: Re: Question about Screen Readers.> Michael,> Can you define "multimedia" as you interpret the term? I can point you toa> good bit of media that is captioned or described or has a transcript (some> have all three). I am currently working on the issue of rich media> accessibility (I define rich media as changing over time or in response to> user interaction) at the National Center for Accessible Media in Boston.We> have a resource center with a showcase of accessible (multi) media at> Some media is hosted on our> site and others are linked. WGBH offers quite a variety of> captioned/transcribed media (check out NOVA at WGBH/PBS or go to WGBH's> QuickTime TV channel from your QT player).>> Andrew>> On 8/14/01 4:33 PM, Michael Goddard ( = EMAIL ADDRESS REMOVED = ) wrote:>> > Joel,> >> > Thank you for shedding some light to this. I believe I am getting an> > understanding of how the screen is being read. Is it just the anchortags> > and image tags that are read or are there other tags that I should beaware> > of?> >> > I will be extremely honest with you on your question about multi-media> > presentations that I have come across that has text transcripts or> > captioning. The answer is zero! I have yet to come across anymulti-media> > oriented material that offers text transcription or captioning.> >> > Thank you for the information> >> > Michael> > ----- Original Message -----> > From: "Joel Sanda" > > To: "'WebAIM forum'" > > Sent: Tuesday, August 14, 2001 4:29 PM> > Subject: RE: Question about Screen Readers.> >> >> >> Michael;> >>> >> Great question! I'm sighted and have hearing and have used JAWS quite a> > bit> >> to test the accessibility of our products ... so maybe I can shed some> > light> >> on this.> >>> >> Properly coded web pages will have their content, and some mark-up> > necessary> >> for meaning, read aloud by JAWS.> >>> >> Certain elements, like anchor tags, images, list items, and so on will> > have> >> a preface read before them. So the following code:> >>> >> > >>> >> Will be read aloud as "image, anchor tag:". I may have theexact> >> wording off a little, but that's the crux of it. On the other hand,coding> >> the same feature this way:> >>> >> >> src="home.gif" alt="Picture of a House"> can be read as:> >>> >> "link, Go to Home dot com's Home Page". Image: Picture of a House".> >>> >> As for Lynx - you're on the right track. I often use Lynx to test sites> > with> >> style sheets turned off and to "see" what the blind will "hear", sincethe> >> alt attribute is displayed in Lynx.> >>> >> Let me ask you this, in turn: how often do you encounter multi-media> >> presentations that have text transcripts or closed captioning?> >>> >> As for training, have you hit the resources at: That's> > free> >> and there are some really good (the best, IMHO) learning resourcesthere.> >>> >> Joel> >>> >> -----Original Message-----> >> From: Michael Goddard [mailto: = EMAIL ADDRESS REMOVED = ]> >> Sent: Tuesday, August 14, 2001 2:01 PM> >> To: WebAIM forum> >> Subject: Question about Screen Readers.> >>> >>> >> I am curious as to exactly what do the screen readers "read and speak".I> >> am deaf so I cannot "first-hand" experiment with something like this.> >>> >> I have downloaded the Lynx browser to see what might a screen reader"read> >> and say" is this a reliable thing? Do the screen readers just speakthe> >> text or do the screen readers actually speak the HTML coding as well?> >>> >> I am trying to migrate more into the accessibility field for web design> > and> >> development since I believe it is going to explode in the near future.> >> Currently, I have over 5 years experience working in the field of web> >> development (strictly HTML coding) have learned many more skills> > including,> >> graphics, PHP, MySQL programming.> >>> >> Anyone know of some online training for this? I know that WebAIM has> >> courses but I cannot afford something like that. I am hoping theremight> > be> >> free courses anywhere?> >>> >> Thank you,> >>> >> Michael> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >> >>> --> Andrew Kirkpatrick, Technical Project Coordinator> CPB/WGBH National Center for Accessible Media> 125 Western Ave.> Boston, MA 02134> E-mail: = EMAIL ADDRESS REMOVED = > Web site:>> 617-300-4420 (direct voice/FAX)> 617-300-3400 (main NCAM)> 617-300-2489 (TTY)>> WGBH enriches people's lives through programs and services that educate,> inspire, and entertain, fostering citizenship and culture, the joy of> learning, and the power of diverse perspectives.>>>> 041b061a72


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