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Where To Buy A Good Scale =LINK=

The best kitchen scales are accurate, easy to use, durable, and easy to clean. Digital kitchen scales come in all shapes and sizes, and some are better than others, so how do pick the best kitchen scale for you?

where to buy a good scale

This scale can weigh items up to 11 pounds, and easily switches between measurement units. Its straightforward controls make it easy to use, and the smooth surface is easy to clean. This scale is so lightweight and portable that it can be tucked away anywhere.

The Escali digital kitchen scale delivers consistent results and stands the test of time. Its simplicity makes it a great scale for everyday use. Easily zero out the weight to continue adding ingredients, switch from metric to imperial modes, and get clear readings every time. Unlike other scales, the display also stays on as long as you need.

The OXO digital kitchen scale is one of the highest rated scales available at Amazon. Besides its good looks and long-lasting durability, this kitchen scale has some unique design features that make it worth its higher price tag.

The easy-to-read digital display pulls away from the base, making it even easer to read the measurements when using a large bowl. A progress meter shows how close the weight is to maxing out the scale's 11-pound capacity. And the stainless steel platform detaches for easy and thorough cleaning.

This sleek kitchen scale comes in a variety of fun colors at a price that can't be beat. The Greater Goods kitchen scale is exceedingly simple, which makes it easy to use, and its slim profile makes it easy to store.

If you're less interested in your weight as an isolated metric and want a full picture of your health and body composition, this body analyser scale is our top pick. It will give you insight into 17 health measurements, including body fat percentage, bone mass, BMI and BMR (that's basal metabolic rate, or the number of calories your body burns keeping itself running, FYI).

The scale itself will show you your weight (very accurately, we might add), but you'll have to whip out your smartphone to learn about the other data points on its associated app. Thankfully, though, that info takes just nine seconds to reach your device, and the app does a great job of explaining what all those numbers actually mean.

Although this scale performed well on test, it's a pretty tight fit; feet over a size 7 will stick out slightly and it was quite unstable when our tester stood near the edge. Still, it gave consistently accurate readings across the metrics we looked at, so it's a clever buy.

There's nothing wrong with a basic product when it does its job so well. If you're just looking to track weight, our top-scoring set of scales is king. It quickly and clearly displayed our readings in large, well-lit numbers, and was impressively accurate at every turn.

Our tester loved the simple design, which won't threaten to tip over even if you step right on the edge of the scales. Plus, it will support up to 200kg and feet up to a size 12. It's a little sensitive to nearby activity though, so move it out of the way if you don't want it turning itself on when not in use.

Help protect the planet with this simple scale. Handily, it doesn't require any batteries or charging, cutting down on waste and electricity bills. Instead, it uses step-on self-generated power to measure your weight. Plus, our readings were consistently accurate.

This scale can determine an impressive 16 body metrics. You can read these, including heart rate, bone density and BMI, quickly and directly on the machine, or you can review your stats more closely in the associated app. Our testers found said app a little clunky to navigate, but that doesn't matter too much since you can use the scale without it.

Weight readings were accurate but unfortunately, the body fat readings here were off, so pick another scale if that's a deal-breaker for you. The platform will fit feet up to a size 12, and is reassuringly non-slip, too.

The platform tipped easily when our tester put their weight on the edge and the display could be clearer, although we wouldn't hold this against it too much given its audio design. This is a basic set of scales but is spacious enough for feet up to a size 10 and does what it claims well.

Stepping towards the edges of the platform can cause it to lose its balance. The non-slip finish adds a layer of safety though and it's large enough to fit size 12 feet. Its display window is small but this scale took accurate weight readings.

This affordable scale provides a top range of metrics, from BMI to muscle mass. In terms of accuracy, it's great for weight but less reliable for body fat readings. While the display itself only gives you your weight, the rest of the stats are sent to the app in seconds, even if you don't have it open.

It's a simple piece of equipment with a minimalist design but our tester found it intuitive to use, especially its app. The battery life was the low point on this one, lasting a mere two weeks in our lab compared to the nine months promised on the box. Much of that can be attributed to the machine's sensitivity, which meant that the scale turned on when one of our testers walked within a few feet of it. It also gave an inaccurate body fat reading.

If you're in the market for a scale, it's highly important to invest in one that's accurate. For this guide, I tested several models head-to-head for both accuracy and reliability. I've also included insight into the best features to consider when shopping for a bathroom scale, as well answers to some common FAQs.

Our tests found the Amazfit to be one of the most accurate and consistent scales in our consideration. What's more, no other scale we tried offered both high accuracy and smart features, particularly at this price point. Additionally, its platform is relatively large, making it comfortable to use for those with bigger feet, and its subtle gradient design makes it an attractive bathroom fixture.

The app itself, which syncs with the scale via Bluetooth, has a few small issues (mostly pertaining to incomplete translation from Japanese to English) but overall is intuitive, user-friendly, and provides detailed explanations of each metric it provides.

If you're looking for a simple, trustworthy bathroom scale just to weigh yourself, the Etekcity Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale has you covered. At just $20, the Etekcity beat out other budget-friendly options in our trials for accuracy and reliability.

It displays your weight to the second decimal place, the LCD screen is bright and easy to read, and the scale itself feels sturdy and comfortable on which to stand. It's little wonder this scale is a time-tested hit with Amazon reviewers as well as our reviewers.

The FitTrack Dara is a sleek device that feels high-tech and easy to use. It works as a basic bodyweight scale of course, and our trials found it to be accurate and reliable. The scale itself only displays a weight reading, but many more metrics are included in the smartphone app, which syncs with the scale via Bluetooth.

For those with visual impairments, a display-only scale is inconvenient at best and fully unusable at worst, hence the creation of talking scales to give audible readings. Additionally, typical small bathroom scales can be too unsteady for people with balance or mobility issues.

To test the accuracy and reliability of each scale, I weighed myself using each device and recorded each reading, then reset the scales and weighed myself again. I noted which scales produced dramatically different results between the two trials. I then calculated the standard deviation of the data set to identify statistically significant outliers.

While using each scale I also paid attention to the user experience, noting how simple and intuitive each device was to use, as well as any issues a customer might want to know about.

I also tested the accuracy of two smart scales. The experts I spoke with for this piece warned that smart scales' report of anything other than pounds is unreliable, so it was unsurprising that the two gave me with wildly different readings. While they tested accurately for actual weight (see chart above), I can't claim either to be accurate for smart readings.

Accuracy and reliability are the two main factors you want in a bathroom scale, no matter the type. A trustworthy scale will give you correct and consistent readings that accurately reflect changes in your body, and you won't be misled by too-high or too-low readings. Since there's no way of knowing from the box whether or not a scale is as accurate as it claims to be, we recommend one of the scales we've tested for accuracy.

Smart scales are all the rage, telling users not only their weight but also their body fat percentage and other metrics. Experts warn, however, that these readings are gross estimations and may be much higher or lower than the reality. They determine your body fat, muscle mass, and BMR by calculating off your body weight and height, not measuring your actual fat and muscle masses. (Case in point, the Dara and Amazfit gave me two completely different body composition profiles.)

When evaluating products, value-for-cost is always a factor. There are scales available at every price point, starting at under $20 and going up to over $100. You want the price you're paying to justify the features promised, and be comparable to similarly-priced competing products in terms of accuracy, reliability, and usability.

Lastly, consider what specific traits you might need, personally, in a bathroom scale. Talking scales, which read the measurement aloud, may be helpful for people who are blind or visually impaired. For folks in large bodies, you'll want a scale with a higher weight capacity and potentially a larger platform to accommodate a wider stance.

Frija-Masson J, Mullaert J, Vidal-Petiot E, Pons-Kerjean N, Flamant M, d'Ortho MP. Accuracy of smart scales on weight and body composition: Observational study. JMIR Mhealth Uhealth. 2021;9(4):e22487. doi:10.2196/22487 041b061a72


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