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Maverick Wright

Eminem - Like Toy Soldiers (Official Music Video) 2021

This song is the conclusion to the shit between jeffory atkins aka ja rule and eminem. ja rules song "lose change" is made to attack the fuck out of eminem or as ja calls him in the song "feminem" a line in jas song says "em you claim your mothers a crack head, and kim is a known slut, so whats hailey gonna be when she grow up?" eminem made a fair few songs against ja rule like hail mary but more specificaly hailies revenge. Halies revenge is feturing obie trice, kuniva, swift, kon artis and proof. each rapper tears the shit outta ja rule claiming he is a "repleca guy" insinuating he is a copy of the late great one (tupac) "but when your gone, your gonna be the late fake one" after this song eminem had won this "fight" with ja and toy soldiers is basically saying "althought the battle was won I feel like we lost it, I spent too much energy on it honestly I'm exausted" toy soldiers is a song made to oppose gang violence because it escelates and involves loved ones as shown here-"theres a certain line you don't cross and he crossed it, I herd him say hailies name in a song and I just lost it""there used to be a time when you just say a rhyme and wouldnt have to worry about one of you people dying, but now its escelated because once to put somones kids in it this shit gets escilated"

Eminem - Like Toy Soldiers (Official Music Video)



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